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The hierarchy of federal courts is District Court, Court of Appeals, US Supreme Court. So, the Court of Appeals is the answer. At least if your quest is only specifying the federal judiciary.

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Q: What is the court between district and Supreme Court?
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How does the national court system works the advantages and disadvantages?

is the district court, court of appeals and supreme court.

What has to happen for the Supreme Court to hear a case from a US District Court?

Generally, the US Supreme Court will hear a case from US District Court on direct or expedited appeal if:The case is of such national or constitutional importance it would clearly be appealed to and accepted by the Supreme Court anyway; orThe case involves legislation in which Congress specified appeals of District Court decisions must go directly to the Supreme Court (bypassing the Circuit Court).

What court is considered gatekeeper to the US Supreme Court?

The US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts, which are intermediate courts of appeals (the courts between the US District Courts and the US Supreme Court) in the federal Judicial Branch. They help reduce the Supreme Court caseload by resolving appellate cases or dismissing those without merit.

Which court is HIGHER district or circuit?

In the Federal court system, the district courts are the "lowest" courts. Cases usually start in district court and are decided there. The circuit courts are courts of appeal. That means that you can appeal a district court's ruling to the circuit court (and then to the Supreme Court, if you still don't like the ruling). In that sense, the circuit courts are "higher" than the district courts.

Is the US Supreme Court the same as the Judicial Branch?

The term "supreme court" is used in both the state and federal judicial systems. Every state has a state supreme court, or a differently named equivalent, which is the highest appellate court within the state system. State supreme courts are typically located in the state capital. In at least one state, New York, "supreme court" refers not to the highest court of appeals, but to the trial court in which cases are initially heard.Every state is also a part of the national federal court system and its federal regulations, starting from district, appellate, and finally, the U.S. Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in both federal and state systems for preserved questions of federal and constitutional law. The US Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over individual state laws or state constitutional issues.Generally, when people refer to "The Supreme Court," they mean the Supreme Court of the United States, or (colloquially) SCOTUS or US Supreme Court. When referring to a state supreme court, a person usually identifies the state first, as in Ohio Supreme Court, Alabama Supreme Court, etc.

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What is the lowest court in the federal system?

district court

Which precedent is binding on the us district court for the southern district of new york?

second circuit and supreme court

What are the three levels of federal courts?

District Court - Appelate COurt - Supreme Court.

Can a district court revoke a supreme court decision?


What are 3 us Courts?

District Court, Appeals court, Supreme court.

Which is the highest court in district in India?

Supreme Court is the highest court in India.

What are the 3 courts of the federal court system?

District Court - Appelate Court - Supreme Court

What Is the process for appealing a case?

For state prosecuted offenses: Circuit (or District) Court > Court of Appeals > State Supreme Court (and if a Constitutional question is involved) > US District Court > US Court of Appeals > US Supreme Court.

What are similarities between Florida court system and federal court system?

the juristice federal court hols a convention

How does the national court system works the advantages and disadvantages?

is the district court, court of appeals and supreme court.

Hierarchy of the court in judicial precent?

Municipal Court - County Court - Circuit (or District) Court - Court of Appeals- Supreme Court.

What courts are in the federal court system?

federal district court, federal court of appeals court,and the U.S. supreme court.