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In the British ruled colonies, Britain had a polcy of Parlaimentary virtual representation, which meant that the colonies were represented through someone living in Britain based on a particular commonatily. For example: All shoemakers in colonial new England were virtually represented by a British showmaker.

The colonists were angered at the Mother countries policy of virtual representation because they were forced to pay taxes withour being actually represented in Parlaiment. The colonist marched through the streets shouting "no taxation without representation!". Tis is the main difference between the two. I hope this helps.

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Virtual representation means that even individuals who cannot or do not vote are represented in the legislature by similar voters who can and do vote. Actual representation demands that every person can vote for a representative.

Virtual representation is when you're being represented by decision makers, but you weren't allowed to vote on who they would be, like when the king of England would assign governors to royal colonies. Actual representation is when you pick the decision makers that represent you, like electing the President.

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Q: What is the definition of Actual vs virtual representation?
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