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Unlike medieval assassins, ninjas had morals and were very experienced in the Martial Arts as well as the art of hiding in plain sight. Through research, ninja weren't only used for assassination purposes, but as were also used in espionage, in which some elements of which were the basis for unconventional warfare and other techniques as practiced by special operations forces today. There are many other differences that I can't really explain right now, but feel free to research more on ninja and medieval assassins and find the differences on your own.

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Assassins are people (men and women) who are hired for their ability to kill a person or persons of interest for their own profit. They may or may not belong to a group. An assassin may or may not not allow his/her own beliefs determine the job done. Some assassins will not kill children., while others have no qualms about whom they kill or collateral damage. Again: Assassins are paid for their services by whomever hired them.

Snipers are military-based long-range shooters that are trusted with the commission of an action to eliminate an enemy combatant(s). Many snipers work with "spotters," which are partners who follow the trajectory of the bullet and modify its accuracy via a scope. Some snipers do work their own spotters and shooters. Snipers are part of a military (or in some cases para-military) operation and do not get paid other than in the normal military method.

Assassins denote "paid to kill" and while snipers embody eliminating an enemy combatant that may be holding hostages or a group of military from moving.

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Oh, these are one of my favorite questions.

I believe that the assassin is the better pick.

I don't think you have known the assassin's stealth.

Instead of a ninja, who immediately starts fighting,

The assassin attacks the enemy before they can make a move!

The ninja could get injured, and it can even be defeated!

The assassin knows the superpower of patience, and it allows them to sneak without making many sounds, sometimes none!

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a ninja is better they practice with stealth and ambush better then assassins

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Q: What is the difference between assassins and snipers?
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