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When somebody is appointed it means for higher position, and hire means to give job

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Q: What is the difference between being appointed and hired?
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Does appointed mean hired?


How are congressional staff members appointed?

They aren't appointed, but hired.

Who is hired by an individual or appointed?

a lawyer or solicitor

What is the difference between deployment and employment?

deployment is putting them into a situation and employment is where you get hired for a job

Who were the first Union Generals appointed by?

Abraham Lincoln I believe. However, the first generals he appointed all were fired or didn't want the position. In fact, he actually asked General Lee if he would take the position. Lee ended up going with the South. McClellan was hired then fired the hired then fired by Lincoln. There are a few more in between there. Then Sherman was hired, and so was Grant.

How are the US Supreme Court justices hired?

They are appointed by the President, approved by the Senate.

The difference between work and employement?

Employment means you are hired to work, if there's any available. When you work, you are working.

What is the relationship between elected and appointed officials?

An "elected" official faces the voters and runs for election by popular vote. An "appointed" official does not have to be elected by the voters, they are hired/employed by an arm or agency of government to fill a vacancy for a specific needed skill or expertise.

What is the difference between employer and partner?

The employer is entity hired us but partner is integrate with employer as not hire employees from employer

What is the difference between an association and and organization?

An association is normally either hired or you have to pass a cetain criteria to enter, whereas organizations are normally where everyone can get in.

Can a civil judge be fired?

In most jurisdictions, civil judges are appointed for a specific term rather than being hired or fired like employees. They can be removed from office through a formal process such as impeachment, disciplinary action, or not being reappointed at the end of their term.

How the governor of new France became the governor of new France?

He was appointed by the nobility in France (basically the king hired him