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domestication is taming the wild, and nationalism is patriotism for one's nation.

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Q: What is the difference between domestication and nationalization?
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What is the difference between privatization and nationalization?

Privatization is the act of selling Government owned business to the private sector. Whereas, Nationalization occurs when the government buys certain business or firms from private owners.

What is the difference between nationalization and devolution?

Nationalization refers to the process of a government taking control of privately owned assets or industries, while devolution refers to the transfer of power from a central government to regional or local governments within a country. Nationalization involves centralizing control, while devolution involves decentralizing it.

What is the meaning of nationaligetion?

Did you mean nationalization? Nationalization is the act of nationalizing, or the state of being nationalized.

Difference between wild and domestic cat skulls?

The wildcat and the domestic cat skull differ in that the wildcat's skull is much larger. Wildcats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago. The change in the skull are a result of domestication.

Background of nationalization?

New food for thoughts on nationalization and its background from a different angle can be found at:Munoz, Lucio, 2010. Nationalization as Privatization in Reverse: Understanding the Nature of the Commons to Identify a Possible Point of Optimal Nationalization, Journal of Sustainability, Issue 3, Number 1, July 20, Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA.

What are the effects of commercial bank nationalisation in India?

The effects of nationalization of the Commercial Bank in India is that it has had a positive effect on the economy. The natives of the country have directly benefited from nationalization of the bank because they own it.

What is the noun of nation?

The noun is nationalization.

What is the difference between artificial selection and natural selections?

natural selection occurs due to natural phenomena (e.g. changes in diet or predators).artificial selection occurs due to human generated phenomena (e.g. breeding or domestication).

What is the main reult of the domestication of animals?

what is the main result of the domestication of animals?

What is a sentence for domestication?

She domesticated many wild animals and plants. This is a sample sentence using the word domestication.

What has the author Aster Akalu written?

Aster Akalu. has written: 'The process of land nationalization in Ethiopia' -- subject(s): Land reform, Nationalization of Land

When was the first nationalization of banks done?