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If you involve, then you invite someone to join, but if you include, the you are the one that is being asked to join.

I think...To be involved in an accident-it is not that persons option- to invite an accident is cause conditions that likely will result in same.

The above are valid points but let us just take a look at the definitions and Latin roots of both words- from Collins English Dictionary:-

a. Involve- 1. to include or contain as a necessary part: the task involves hard work.
From involvere to roll in...and
b. Include- 1. to have as contents or part of the contents; be made up of or contain.
From includere to enclose...

One may see from the above two definitions that the meaning of each word is quite different, the Latin exemplifies the difference between the two words extraordinarily well I feel...

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Q: What is the difference between involve and include?
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