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one is a drugged up chicken and one is a fat unicorn who sticks their horns up peoples buts

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Q: What is the difference between nationality and country?
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What is the difference between nationality and citizenship in filipino people?


What is the difference between patriotism and terrorism?

Patriotism is love for your country. Terrorism is hate for your country and taking actions to harm her. Most terrorism, however, is action by one nationality against another nationality, or what can be thought of as an individual or group "war" against a country.

What is the difference between your civil status and your nationality?

Your civil status is whether you are married or single. Your Nationality is what country you call home and where your allegiance lies and where you pay taxes and can vote (if those apply).

What nationality would a child be if white and born in Africa?

There's a difference between nationality and the so called ethnicity. Nationality tells you which country the person is born in or is a citizen off, ethnicity attempts to describe the person's racial makeup. If the child is born in Africa, then his nationality would be of a African country, like Zimbabwe, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc.

What is the difference between nationality and national origin?

Nationality refers to the country of citizenship or allegiance of a person, while national origin refers to the country or place where a person or their ancestors were born. Nationality is legal status, while national origin is more related to cultural or ancestral heritage.

What is the difference between a country and a principality?

is ther a difference between a country and principality

What is the difference between nationality and religion?

"Nationality" pertains to where a person was born and raised. "Religion" is a person's chosen belief system or path to God.

Difference between country of incorporation country of domicile?

Incorporation test is a citizen of state or country by or under the laws of which it was created and exists without regard to the citizenship of its stockholders or members; Business domicile test, the business has the nationality of the state where it has its business domicile.

What are difference between domicile and nationality?

Domicile refers to the place where an individual has their permanent residence or intends to make their permanent home, while nationality refers to a person's legal relationship to a particular country, typically as a citizen. Domicile can change based on where a person resides and intends to stay, while nationality is usually determined by factors such as birth, parentage, or naturalization.

What is the difference between a black man and a Mexican man?

Race vs. nationality. You are asking something like 'what is the difference between a white man and an English man'.

Is French considered a country?

French is not considered a country, it is a language and a nationality. France is the country associated with the French language and nationality.

What is the difference between shqip and shqiptar?

Shqip is the Albanian language, while shqiptar means Albanian in the context of nationality or ethnicity.