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Candidate Key is used to uniquely identify the records of a table. An attribute becomes a Primary Key, if all the other candidate keys lose race for being qualified as Primary Key.

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Q: What is the difference between primary key and candidate key?
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What is difference between primary candidate and candidate key?

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Candidate key and primary key differnece?

All Primary keys are definitely Candidate Keys. A Candidate key is one which can be used as a Primary key that is not null and unique. That is one of the candidate keys can be chosen as a primary key.A Candidate key is a Unique Key and it can be used to find out any particular Tuple (row) in a table. The following are the differences between A Candidate key and a Primary Key: 1) A Unique key can be null but not a Primary key 2) On a table we can have only 1 primary key but 'N' number of unique keys.

What is the difference between primary key and secondary key in database?

A primary key is a unique identifier for each record in a database table and is used to ensure data integrity and enforce entity integrity. A secondary key, also known as a candidate key, is an alternate unique key that can be used to identify records, but is not designated as the primary key.

What is candidate key in dbms?

more than one primary key to identify the record uniquely is called candidate key.

Why do you designate one of the candidate key of relation to be the primary key?

We designate one of the candidate key of a relation to be a primary key because that primary key is use for any foreign key references.

What is the difference between a candidate key an a secondary key?

A candidate key is a unique key that can uniquely identify each record in a database table, whereas a secondary key is a non-unique key used for data retrieval and indexing purposes. Candidate keys can be chosen as the primary key for the table, while secondary keys provide alternate ways to access and organize the data.

What is the difference between candidate key and primary key with example?

Any group of keys or columns (may be one or more than one) which can be used to uniquely refer to any row is together called as candidate key.A primary key only one column name which can be used to uniquely refer any row.there is no much difference b/w these two except the number of columns in consideration.

What are the differences between super key primary key candidate key and foreign key?

Super key: A set of attributes that uniquely identifies a tuple in a table. Primary key: A specific super key chosen to uniquely identify each tuple in a table and must be unique and not null. Candidate key: Any super key that could be chosen as the primary key. Foreign key: A field in a table that is a primary key in another table, used to establish a relationship between the two tables.

What is the difference between primary key and secondary key?

There is two difference between them. 1. The not null constraint is by default added to primary key, it means, primary key attribute cannot accept null values, whereas, the attribute declared as unique can accept null values. It is the major difference between the two. 2. Secondly, we can have only one primary key in a relation, whereas, multiple attributes can be declared unique at the same time.

How many types of key used in SQL Server.Difference between them all?

there are 5 types of keys.those are primary,foriegn,super,candidate and unique key

What is the difference between a primary key and a foreign key?

A primary key uniquely identifies each record in a table and ensures data integrity. A foreign key establishes a relationship between two tables, referencing the primary key of another table to enforce referential integrity.

Difference between a super key and a candidate key?

Different set of attributes which are able to identify any row in the database is known as super key. And minimal super key is termed as candidate key i.e. among set of super keys one with minimum number of attributes. Primary key could be any key which is able to identify a specific row in database in a unique manner.