What is the document Common Sense?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is a document written by thomas Paine and it explained and convinced the people not to follow the king.(written by amir)

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Q: What is the document Common Sense?
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What document did Thomas Paine write in 1776?

He wrote Common Sense, a document to persuade more people to take the side of independance from Great Britan

First written document by colonist called?

Common sense

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness was originally from what document?

It was form the document common sense by Thomas Paine

What did the document common sense convince the colonists to do?

To seek independence from England.

The document that was crucil in changing public opinion to support independence was?

Declaration of Independence is the document that was crucial in changing public opinion to support independence. The document states that all men were created equal.

Who wrote Common Sense and The American Crisis What was the purpose of these document?

Thomas Paine

Document written by Thomas Paine?

Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense

Why is Common Sense' considered an important historical document?

It called for American Independence, union of the American Colonies, and pursueded the Revolutionary War. (Thomas Paine wrote "Common Sense".)

Describe how formatting can affect the usability of a document?

Formatting is not hard Actually you just have to use common sense. Formatting can affect the usability of a document by changing the paragraphs

How do you close a document in Microsoft Word?

Just click the "X" button on the upper right area (COMMON SENSE ( -______________-) )

What document written by Thomas Paine inspired Americans to claim their independence from Britain?

Common Sense. It was a pamphlet published in 1776 and immediately inspired the public to demand independence. It is considered one of the most influential political pieces ever written.

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You use your common sense when you need to. THAT WHAT I SAID IS COMMON SENSE!