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The newspaper reports show that a number of children have temporarily gone missing in the same area where Lucy was buried. The children claim to have played with a "bloofer lady." They return with small bite wounds on their necks. People are terrified.

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Q: What is the effect of the Bloofer Lady article?
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Who is the bloofer lady in Dracula?

In "Dracula" by Bram Stoker the Bloofer Lady is Miss Lucy Westenra after she becomes a vampire. Bloofer Lady is what the children that Miss Lucy lures in call her.-KW"Bloofer" is simply the children's baby speech for "beautiful".

What does bloofer mean?

"Bloofer" is a term used in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula," where it is used to describe a flower given by a suitor as a token of love. It is not a commonly used term outside of this specific literary context.

What exactly does bloofer mean My question is in terms of Dracula by Bram Stoker I know Bloofer Lady is what the children call Lucy Westenra but I was wondering what the meaning of the word is?

On this site, they claim that it was Old English slang for "beautiful" lady... concurs: sure, because I can't find any official source, but that might be the meaning.The Norton Critical Edition of Dracula states that the term "bloofer lady" is "Child talk for 'beautiful.'" If you think about it, in English dialect, no less spoken by a small child, "beautiful" could be corrupted to "bloofer."

Why did the bloofer lady hunt children?

because she jst turned into a vampire so she thought she could only be strong enough to control kids not adults

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