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The excecutive branch of the government is the President. You know, the one who makes vetos the laws or passed them. The laws he passes are national; NOT state laws. And there's your answer.

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Q: What is the excecutive branch of government?
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Which branch of government recommends bills?


The courts' activities relate to which branch of government?


What is the excecutive branch of your government?

The executive branch of the United States government includes the President and vise president.

What branch of government is responsible for making and carrying out the laws in a parliamentary system of government?


The constitution holds the president responsible for carrying out the duties of what branch of government?


Who is in charge of the excecutive branch?

the president

What part of the government did the prime minister and the cabinate elect?

leader of the excecutive branch of government. Like a president. Speaker of the house. currently Nancy Pelosi.

What are two powers of the excecutive branch?

to lick our mom

What are the duties of the excecutive branch?

Is a part of the 3 branches.

What is the excecutive of state government called?


What is an example of the excecutive branch checking the other branches?

The executive branch can veto a bill passed to it by the legislative branch. The executive branch appoints the highest members of the judicial branch.

What branch of government do police officers fall under executive or judicial?

It's not. Law enforcement is a function of the Executive Branch of government, not the Legislative Branch. The US Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. He is also the head of the US Department of Justice. State and local police departments are likewise considered part of the Executive Branch of government.