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The executive branch is made up of the President and Vice President. They enforce the laws .

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Q: What is the excutive branch and what does it do?
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Who leads excutive branch?

The president leads the executive branch.

What branch of government has the head of state?


What is the excutive branch of the government?

The President and Vice President

What are the functions of every branch?

Judicious, Legaslative, && Excutive

What is the job of the excutive branch?

The executive branch enforces laws and makes sure they are being followed.

What are the different powers in separation of powers?

excutive,judical,and legislative branch

Which branch of government has the power to declare acts of the excutive branch unconstitutional?

The Judicial Branch has the power to declare the acts unconstitutional.

The excutive branch carries out its function through?

the CABINET and OTHER AGENCIES :)novanet

What is the role of the executive?

the role of the excutive branch is to make sure people folow the laws

This power allows congress to check on how the excutive branch is administering the law?

legislative oversight

What is the main job of the excutive branch?

Responsible for carrying out the duties of govt and enforcing legislation passed

Who works in Indiana executive branch US?

who works in indiana excutive branch of goverment. I need to know very bad because my students and i dont know