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We English like to eat scones with jam and cream with our tea. Strawberry jam and clotted cream are special treats. Other things a steriotypical English person would like are fish and chips, the queen, and whippet racing.

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Q: What is the famous after tea in England?
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Is England is famous for making tea?

England is famous for drinking lots of tea not so much making it.

What drinks are England famous for?


Do all British people drink tea?

No - Although the British made tea a very famous and popular drink after they colonised tea growing countries (Like Sri Lanka and India) no tea is grown in England itself.

Is Tea from England?

No. Most of the world's tea comes from India or China. Tea requires a tropical climate, which England certainly doesn't have!

Which famous Americans led their fellow patriots in throwing tea into Boston harbor to protest tea taxes?

It protested England because of the raised taxes on Tea. The British were not being fair and giving the colonies taxes that were too high (called taxation without representation). Therefore, the protesters were protesting England.

How do you say tea in England?


What are specific types of food and drink England is known for?

Fish and chips is probably the most famous food, and tea the best known drink.

Facts on the Tea Act?

The Tea Act pretty much taxed all tea that came from England because England had set that act. So colonists had to pay tax on whatever tea they bought because it was all from England.

Was England the first country to drink tea?

No, tea was drunk in China way before England even saw it.

Famous drinks in england?

Obviously tea is the most famous! But I suppose mineral water, I think ginger beer is English, and J20 which is just mixes of juice, Boost the energy drink, Fruit Shoot...

What is called black tea in England would be considered what kind of tea in China?


Result of Boston Tea Party?

England did not tax us for the tea.