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The fate of most minor parties is that they serve the government and help gain money in the future.

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Q: What is the fate of minor parties?
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Third parties are also called what?

third parties are also called minor parties

What are the Minor parties in us?

third parties

What is a way minor parties influence the politics of the US?

Minor parties take votes away from the candidates of other parties.

What are the minor parties in a two- party system?

Just that - minor parties, seldom of political significance.

What are minor political parties are called in the US?

third parties

Why are minor parties important?

Minor political parties are important because they represent a sect outside of the popular views.

What is on effect that minor parties have on the American political system?

They take votes away from major parties candidates.

Historically what have been the most important roles of minor parties?

The most important roles of minor political parties has been to give the voters and option outside of the 2 major parties. Minor political parties have altered the outcome of some of elections.

What useful functions have the minor parties performed in American history?

The parties

What are the minor political parties?


Why do minor parties develop?

because of me

What do major parties with minor parties ideas?

This is jweezy telling you that major parties will steal the minor parties ideas to get the success of the minor parties and their voters. They will study and recognize the importance of their issues and then claim that the same issue that was grabbing major attention was one of the major issues of their campaign, smh poiticians hacch spiou