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Federalism is a division of power between a strong central government and state governments.

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a federalist is some1 who beleives in the constitution and agrees with it

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The federalist party was the party founded after the ratification of the Constitution. It advocated a broad interpretation of the constitution.

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Q: What is the federlist party?
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What is an anti-federlist?

a member or supporter of the Antifederal party.

Who was a federlist party leader who represented trade and manufacturing?


Who were the federlist?

The federlists were a political party that vs. against the democratic republicans they were the first two political partys of the united states.

Was george wythe a anti federlist or a federlist?

he indeed was, in fact he was a federalist leader

Who were antifederlist or federalist?

Antifederlist didnt want the constitution federlist did

The letters in the federlist were written to urge adoption of the constitution by the states?


Was Alexander Hamilton a anti-federlist?

Just the opposite, actually. Hamilton was a Federalist.

Who were the federlist nominees for president and vice president in 1800?

George Washington and John Adams

What were thr federlist and anti-federlist paper?

the Federalist papers were a series of economical beliefs that Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison had for the United States the anti-federalist papers were people who believed against economical growth like Benjamin Franklin and to some extent Roger Sherman the delegate from Connecticut.

You don't really approve of the idea of policital parties However you're known as federlist and are soon assosiated with that partyChances are good that your name is?

James Madison. I just took the exam.... and George Washington is NOT the correct answer.

What was the result of the embargo Jefferson declared against Britain in 1807?

it angered AMerican voters and led to incresed Federlist support.

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