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The first duty of the President is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Before the President takes office he swears this oath on The Bible.

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Give a State of the Union speech.

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Q: What is the first duty of the president?
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Does vice president have any special duty?

The vice president's special duty is to be president of the Senate.

Name one duty of the president?

One duty of the President is to sign a bill into a law. Another duty is to be Commander in Chief of the US military.

In addition to replacing the president if necessary its the duty of the vice president to?

It is also the duty of the vice president to preside over the Senate.

Who presents charges if president in impeached?

It is the House of Representative's duty to charge the president with impeachment. It is also the Senate duty too, but mostly the House of Representative's duty ;)

What is President Obama's duty?

He Is the president of the United States or the US for short.

What is the Duty of vice president?

His only responsibility if to make the deciding vote in the Senate as the President of the Senate if there is ever a tie on legislation. His other duty is to take over as President should something happen to the sitting President.

What is the only executive duty given to the vice president?

He only real duty is to chair the US Senate, but I am not sure that is an executive duty, Of course, he becomes the chief executive if something happens to the President. He may be given executive assignments by the President on occasion.

When India vice president not on his duty then which person done his duty?

chief justice of india

Is it the duty of the president to punish citizens for treason?

No, it is the duty of the courts to punish citizens for treason.

What is a duty of the US President?

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Who can challenge a president to return to duty?


What is the the duty of the vice president?

to be a back up if the president gets sick or dies.