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it flames when its in dry or wet powder and when exposed to heat and a open fire

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Q: What is the flammability of hafnium?
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What is the color of hafnium?

Hafnium is a shiny, silvery metal that does not have a distinct color.

Is hafnium malleable?

Hafnium is malleable.

Is hafnium combined or uncombined?

Pure hafnium doesn't exist in the nature; hafnium form many compounds.

How is Hafnium made today?

Hafnium is found in tandem with zirconium deposits. It is separated from the zirconium during refinement as hafnium chloride. It is then reduced with magnesium to produce pure hafnium.

What is the most common isotope in hafnium?

Hafnium-174 is the most common isotope of hafnium, making up about 31% of naturally occurring hafnium.

Can you burn hafnium?

Fine powders of hafnium are pyrophoric.

How many isotopes does hafnium have?

There are 37 isotopes of Hafnium.

What is the appearance of hafnium?

Hafnium is a metal, steel grey appearance.

Hafnium is magnetic or non-magnetic?

Hafnium is non-magnetic because it has no unpaired electrons. With its filled electron shells, hafnium shows no magnetic properties under normal conditions.

How reactive is hafnium?

Yes, hafnium is reactive, but not like sodium or potassium.

Does hafnium have a high density?

The density of hafnium is 13,31 g/cm3.

What source or material does hafnium come from?

Hafnium is separated from zirconium minerals.