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They need to have held a government position.

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Q: What is the fourth unofficial that someone usually needs to be elected president?
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Who appoints top members of the executive branch?

Legal voters vote for the president which tells the electoral collge which cantidate to vote for. Once the president is elected, they appoint his/her cabinet, providing the judicial branch agrees with the appoinent.

How is the American presidential system different from the parlimentary system?

The American presidential system has a president, one vice president, the Congress and the Judiciary. The parliamentary system usually has a president and a prime minister, as well as Members of Parliament who are elected by their constituencies.

Could a president be called emperor if they were president of an empire?

If the person is the president of a corporation which is called an industrial empire, he would probably not like to be called an emperor. If the person is a dictator who made himself emperor as well as president, I suppose you could call him an emperor. Emperor is usually a title applied to king-like figures. President usually indicates an elected leader. The two titles are contradictory.

What is the name of the US President's official home?

The White House is what president's official home is called. This used to be an unofficial name for the executive mansion but at some point became the name that is universally used. Theodore was the first to use "White House" on his official stationery.The official executive mansion provided as a home for US presidents is usually called the White House, located in Washington D.C.

When does a president take office when elected?

The new presidents take office of January 20 the year after they are elected. January 20th is called Inauguration Day, and it has been set on this date since 1937. The presidency actually starts at noon, EST, when the new president is sworn into office. The swearing in takes place at the capital in Washington DC. It is followed by a parade in front of the White House. The presidential oath is: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." The outgoing president will greet and dine with the incoming president to represent a peaceful transfer of power. The new president will give a speech called an inaugural address. The inaugural address usually covers what their hopes are for the country over the next four years.

Related questions

How are vice usually selected?

The vice president is elected with the president

Is vice president an elected official?

yes (usually)

What office does the president run for?

If he has been elected President only once, he usually runs for President.

How do you become president in the US?

People become President of the US by running in an election (which is held every four years) and winning. But before they get to be president, they usually have a career in politics, in which they start from a lesser position. They first might get elected to be mayor of a city, then a governor of a state, or a senator or a representative in congress. In modern times, it is highly unusual for someone to come out of nowhere and be elected president.

How is the vice president of the u.s. selected?

The VP is elected in the same manner as the president, but separate votes are cast for the VP and president. Just because a presidential candidate is elected does not mean his/her VP running mate must be elected, although this usually happens.

How would you use unofficial in a sentence?

Answers given on are usually unofficial.

Who takes over if the president of the senate cannot be there?

The President Pro Tempori (I think that is the correct spelling -- it is usually just called the President Pro Tem) who is elected by the Senate

How are vice presidents usually selected?

In the United States, Vice Presidents are indirectly elected through the Electoral College. This college is composed of electors that select the President and Vice President. Ballots are cast for the electors by voters in each state and the District of Columbia.

Can there be a democrat elected for president and a republican as vice or do the parties have to be the same?

I don't think the parties have to be the same, but they usually are because the president wants a vice that will support him or her.

What president is better than Andrew Johnson?

Abraham Lincoln for one. Johnson is usually ranked quite low as a President. He was never elected President and was not really given a chance by Congress.

Who appoints top members of the executive branch?

Legal voters vote for the president which tells the electoral collge which cantidate to vote for. Once the president is elected, they appoint his/her cabinet, providing the judicial branch agrees with the appoinent.

Will Obama be sworn in again if he wins the 2012 election?

Yes, if a president is re-elected, he must be sworn in a second time and an inauguration ceremony will usually be held. We saw this with other presidents, and there is no reason to think we won't see it if President Obama is re-elected.