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cause its cool

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Adds sweetness to food

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Q: What is the function of sugar in cooking?
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What is the scientific name for cooking sugar?

The cooking of sugar is called caramelization.

What is the function of saucepan?

a function of a sace is used to cooking like for frying and cooking soup

Is known as table sugar?

Table sugar is also known as sucrose. It is a common sweetener that is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets and is widely used in cooking and baking.

What does cooking chocolate contain?

cooking has the same ingredients as normal chocolate but cooking chocolate does not have as much sugar

What is the function of the meal?

to let people know your style of cooking for who your cooking

What is the function of strawberries in cooking?


What is the function of sweetener in cooking?

To sweeten.

What is caramelizing?

It is when you use the heat from cooking to melt sugar into a sticky, yummy substance.

What are the principles and techniques of cooking cereals and sugar cooking?

Be sure to use the right measurements

What is white and brown in cooking method?


How do I use sugar substitutes when cooking?

Currently there are 15 approved sugar substitutes in use in today's market. Additionally, some of these do have a blend which is used for just cooking and ...


Cooking for a diabetic person requires that you cook meals that are of low-sugar desserts.