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cheaters and zebras

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Q: What is the fur used in robes of Kings and Queens?
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What is the fur trim on ceremonial robes?


What fur was traditionally used to decorate robes in the house of lords?

Ermine, which is the white winter coat of a stoat.

What did the great basin Indians use as tools?

Well they used breaking shells.

What kind of clothing did Powhatan's Indians wear?

The Powhatan men wore leather loincloths in summer and fur robes during the winter. The women wore a deerskin apron and fur robes in the winter.

What do you call fur on a royal robe?

Most of the coronation robes worn by royalty use the fur of a weasel called the Ermine.

What is the meaning of ermine robes?

Royalty wear ermine trimmed robes, ermine is the winter fur of a stoat, which is like a weasel or ferret. The fur is white with regular black spots on it. It is a symbol of wealth and prestige, and moreover royalty.

Do Kings Charles Cavaliers have hair or fur?

100% FUR

What are some of the products made from tiger's fur or any other parts of its body?

e.g are medicines from the other pars of the body and from the fur is coat

How do the Kalahari Bushmen make their clothes?

They tie animal hide around there waists, and some wear fur robes

Which animal provided the fur for the coats of emperors and kings?

The Sable provided the fur for the costs for Kings and Emperors. Other animals that provided coats were foxes, minks, and raccoons.

Which animal has a queen?

Most animals that have individuals referred to as kings or queens are insects. Ants, social bees and social wasps have reproductive females known as queens while termites have multiple reproductive individuals of both sexes known as kings and queens. Among mammals, a female domesticated cat used for breeding is known as a queen; her male counterpart is referred to as a stud, not a king though. There is also a rare color morph of cheetah known as the king cheetah; this term applies to both sexes as it isn't used in relation to sex but in relation to the coloration of the fur. King cheetahs have dark stripes that go down their back rather than just being spotted as most cheetahs are.

How do Iroquois survival in the cold winter?

The Iroquois kept warm in the winter by wearing robes made of bear fur to keep warm