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Take myself, as an example. I was severly head-injured in a supposed accident for which the government were to blam, and they hence agreed that as I am now certified as unfit-for-work(mentally disabled) for life I could live worldwide with my full pension.. This was promised at the end of the previous Conservative reign, but when Labour conned their way into power my un-cuttable pension was cut... They stole my entitled money..possibly in order to provide themselves with a little extra fun..(rent boys, street girls etc!)

Then Conservative got back into power, and have just ignored what they originally promised - demonstrating perhaps David's reaction to the word responsibility! 'Aarrrggh!, "responsibility!!", RUN!' They are to blame, but hide behind their power... One day I will be able to sort this out. My compensation claim is now set at £1,000,000,000,000(I would have won the lottery at over £100,000,000, ..and correctly invested...this would have been possible, ..if it were not for UK Corrupticians!

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in 2021 would call this a democrat sweep in USA by thieves. If they were concerned about free and fair elections they would not have fought so hard to not have voter ID laws for the last 25 years. Have to have ID to buy cough medicine, board a plane, but to vote Nope dont need no ID. We wont even verify your signature (people who are poll watchers know this is part of instructions). I live in GA which has voter ID.. Wasn't asked to lower my mask when they took ID (Asked to do this in TSA to board a plane) Democrats only want to control (require ID) when it is not going to impact there ability to place them in power. All of the mail in ballots ( especially states where ballots were mailed out to be returned).. I know people who got others ballots because they moved.. A good democrat fills this out and mails in on behalf of the person receiving it, because they know the intention of that person. A good Republican notifies the board of elections about a potential problem. No I don't trust democrats that have fought for no voter ID. Especially now.

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Q: What is the government run by thieves called?
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