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It's New Jersey ( :NJ :(

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Q: What is the home state of William Paterson?
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Home state of William Paterson?

he was born at County Antrim.

Who was the delegate who presented the small state plan?

William Paterson

What were the names of the parents of William Paterson?

William and Elizabeth Paterson

Who was the New Jersey delegate who presented small state plan?

William Paterson

Which philosopher wrote about the rights of man?

William Paterson William Paterson

Who was patrica Paterson?

William Paterson's mother

Who was William Paterson's mother?

Patricia Paterson

When did William A. Paterson die?

William A. Paterson died on 1921-09-08.

When was William A. Paterson born?

William A. Paterson was born on 1838-10-03.

When was William Paterson - banker - born?

William Paterson - banker - was born in 1658.

When was William Paterson University created?

William Paterson University was created in 1855.

When did William Paterson - banker - die?

William Paterson - banker - died in 1719.