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Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

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Q: What is the house that Elvis lived in called?
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What was name of Graceland before Elvis?

Actually, before Elvis lived there, Graceland was called...Graceland. Elvis did not name the mansion Graceland. The house was originally owned by S.E. Toof, a Memphis newspaper publisher. He named the house after his daughter Grace.

What is the name of Elvis Pressleys house?

The name of Elvis Presley's house is called Graceland.

What was Elvis famous house in Memphisis?

Called Graceland.

Where did Elvis Presley live?

Elvis Presley lived in Memphis Tennessee in a big mansion called Graceland.

What was the name of Elvis's house?

The name of the house where Elvis Presley lived and died is known as "Graceland." The home is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and nowadays functions as a shrine to the "King." Paul Simon wrote a song -- called "Graceland," on the album of the same name -- in dedication to Graceland. To watch Paul Simon performing the song at the "Graceland" concert in Zimbabwe, see the Related Link. ugly r us

What name did Elvis Presley give to his home in Memphis ten?

The ame of Elvis Presley house was called Graceland's.

King of rock n roll music lived in mansion called?

Elvis Presley lived in a mansion called Graceland. Graceland is now open to tourists.

Which TV character lived on a boat called the St Vitus Dance with an alligator called Elvis?

Sonny Crockett

Did Elvis Presley's parents ever write him a letter?

He lived with Magic Johnson, Paplo picasio and Sidney Crosby

What is the name of the famous huge museun in America where you can find out all about Elvis?

Graceland. It's located in Memphis, Tennese. Graceland was the house Elvis lived in all throughout his music and film career. Elvis Presley and his family are buried in Graceland.

Is Pharaoh Elvis?

In a shape of form but not exactly but can be called that. Pharohs were rulers in Ancient Egypt. Elvis Presley lived less than 100 years ago. He could not have been a pharoh.

What is a Egyptian house called?

cleopatra lived in a beautiful house in The city of alexandria