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Popular Sovereignty

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Q: What is the idea that the ultimate power resides in the people?
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The idea that citizens are the ultimate source of political power is called what?


What is the government by the people either directly or indirectly?

The idea that the government gets its power from the consent of the people is called "popular sovereignty". On, it is described as "the concept that political and legislative power resides with the citizens"

What is the difference between popular sovereignty and sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty is the idea that ultimate authority lies with the people, who exercise it through voting and elections. Sovereignty, on the other hand, is the supreme and independent power of a state to govern itself without interference from other states. Popular sovereignty is a specific form of sovereignty where power is derived from the people.

What is legislative supremacy?

A system of government in which the legislative branch has ultimate power.

What enlightenent idea is reflected in the preamble?

The government's power comes from the people is an Enlightenment idea reflected in the Preamble.

Where did the founders get their idea about good government?

good governments get their power from their people!

What is the ultimate test for a scientific theory or idea?

a scientific test

What idea is central to democracy in the U.S.?

Power for, by, and to the people.

What is the idea that federal and state government have power over own spheres?


During the European enlightenment the democratic idea emerged that governments get their power from?

the will of the people

During the European Enlightenment the democratic idea emerged that governments get their power from .?

the will of the people

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