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The importance is that the power the people grants these elected officials and appointees comes with responsibility and obligation. A contract is made once they have bound themselves by oath, to uphold the Constitution and the laws that flow from it. They are bound by oath but protected from religious discrimination. Their religious views are personal and thereby enjoy the same protected rights as do all of us. The First Amendment does not allow religious freedom it recognizes that all people have the right to establish religion and to exercise their religious beliefs freely. The Bill of Rights does not grant us our rights, nor does the Constitution or even the Declaration of Independence. Our rights preexist the government and the government was formed in order to better protect those rights. A government that grants you your rights can take them away. Our elected officials and appointees are bound by oath to protect those rights, and can not take them away.

Article VI clause III is not in violation of the First Amendment. If you would like to see violations of the First Amendment right of religious freedom, then read the papers, and watch the new as they regularly report on yet another I.R.S. investigation of a church because some pastor said something too political. How is it a tax collection agency has come to investigate private churches for the things the pastor or priest says? Why do we have the F.C.C.? How does this administrative agency find the authority to limit the freedom of speech? How do administrative agencies find the legal authority to kidnap children from their parents arms and make the wards of the state? What Article and clause granted that authority? Why does a church need a 501(c)-3 status with the I.R.S.? How is a church liable to the Personal Income Tax Law or any other revenue laws? Why would a church need to seek exemption from this administrative agency when the First Amendment makes clear the church needs no exemption. Why have all the churches gone along with this statutory scheme? When will the people wake up?

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Q: What is the importance of Article VI clause III to the American Public Is this clause in violation of First Amendment which allows religious freedom Explain you view.?
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