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100 yards

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Q: What is the killing range of the Hun bow?
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When was the Hun bow invented?

1,000,000 years ago

What is the maximum killing distance of a 55 pound recurve bow?

The maximum killing distance for a typical 55 pound recurve bow is 100 yards. Beyond this distance, the bow does not offer a consistent killing blow.

Do you make a bow and arrow in minecraft?

you make a bow seprate and the arrow you find when killing a skeleton

What can you determine when you know a firearm's killing range?

There is no such thing as a "killing range" for a firearm.

What are the release dates for Bow Madness - 2008 Seeing Versus Killing 2-3?

Bow Madness - 2008 Seeing Versus Killing 2-3 was released on: USA: 21 July 2009

In runescape what range do you need to weild a maple bow?

You need 30 range.

Where is the Medicine Bow mountain range?

The Medicine Bow Mountains are a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains that extend for 100-mile from northern Colorado into southern Wyoming.

How has the bow and arrow affected society?

people are killing other people by using it

Where can you get a free dark bow on runescape?

There is no virtual way to get a free Dark Bow other than killing Dark Beasts for the rare drop.

If a gun is out of range could you shoot it like a bow?


What are some Inuit weapons?

A harpoon for killing walrusA small spear for killing small animals and birdsand a bow and arrow for a distance kill

What was the basic skill of the mongol warriors?

the bow, sword, horse riding, survival, killing