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Haiti is the largest French-speaking country in the Caribbean. Other, smaller Caribbean French-speaking countries include Martinique, St. Martin, and Guadeloupe.

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2014-07-02 20:07:17
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Q: What is the largest french speaking country in the Caribbean?
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Name a french speaking country in the Caribbean?

Haiti is an example of a french speaking country in the Caribbean, where Creole is also spoken. Martinique is another example.

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French Colonies in the Caribbean.

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Is Guadeloupe a french speaking country?

Yes, but Guadeloupe ( French Antilles ) is not an independent country. Guadeloupe and Martinique are overseas regions of France in the Caribbean Sea.

Is Belgium a french speaking country?

yes Belgium is a french speaking country.

What is difference between a French country and a French speaking country?

there is only a French country, which is France. But there are several countries where the French language is spoken, which are French-speaking. The same goes for English and English-speaking: America is not English, but is English-speaking. Well I no that a French speaking country speaks French but not like France. For example:Haiti, and Morrocco are French speaking countries.

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England isn't a french speaking country...

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Africa has the largest number of French speaking countries.

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Anguilla is an English-speaking country.

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There are 73 million native french speakers and another 338 million non-native speakers of the language in the world. France contains the majority of native speakers with over 64 million living within its boundaries. So in this way France could be considered the largest french speaking country, due to it having the largest population of french speakers.

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