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Q: What is the largest function of state government?
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The largest agency in every state government is the?


Function of state government in India?

The state government of India is the government below the central government. The state government of India deals with the affairs of the state, these affairs include, but are not limited to state police, state tax, and the taxation of property stamps in the given state.

What is the Largest source of expenditure for state and local government?


Primary function of the executive branch at the state government level?

Enforce State laws.

Which of the following is a function of state government but NOT of national government?

maintaining a public school system cooley

The supervision of local government is a function of state governance because?

Type your answer here... The supervision of local governments is a function of state governance because

Is administration of state prisons is a function of the judicial branch of government?


What powers and function do local government have?

those that the state gives them i think

What is the name of the largest bank in India?

The largest bank in India is State Bank of India. State Bank of India is a government bank. The Government of India owns the bank and controls the functioning of the bank. All employees of SBI are considered government employees and they are directly answerable to the government of India.

What are the features of a state to be a state?

There are four essential features of a state in order for it to function. These are the population, territory, government, and sovereignty that makes state a state.

Which of these lists the types of government in order from largest to smallest?

State, county, city

Difference between state and state function?

The State- an association defined by its territory, population, government and sovereignty.The State function- the set of purposes of the state which are legislative, executive, judiciary and external participation in international affairs.