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Congress doesn't pass laws. They pass Bills which do not become law until they are signed by the President OR congress votes to over-ride a Presidential veto.

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Last bill was about saving the flying beavers of south america or something

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Q: What is the last bill passed by congress?
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How can the President show disapproval of a bill that has been passed by congress?

The President can show disapproval of a bill that has been passed by congress by vetoing the bill. Congress, however, can override a presidential veto.

How does the president prevent a bill passed by congress?

He vetoes the bill.

What is a presidential check of Congress?

A president can veto a bill that is passed by Congress

What roles do both houses of congress play in the introduction of a new bill?

When a new bill is to be passed, both the parties of the congress are made to vote. If the number of votes are high, the bill is passed.

Who can use a veto to check congress?

The president can veto a bill that congress has passed.

What did congress do to deal with banking crisis?

congress passed the emergency banking bill.

What is an example of a vetoed bill passed by the congress?

bush and the stem cell bill

Only congress can pass bills of attainder?

Congress can not pass a bill of attainder or an law?

What can't the president do after the bill has passed both chambers in Congress?

I don't think there's anything the president can't do after a bill has passed both chambers of Congress? He can sign it into law or he can veto it and send it back to Congress

When does the president vote on laws?

The president doesn't really vote on them. He is the last step before a law gets passed. When a bill comes to him he can either sign it (if he does it becomes law) or veto it. A bill comes to him after it is passed in both houses of Congress. However Congress can override his veto with a 2/3 vote and turn a bill into law anyways.

When Congress passed the Wade-Davis bill in response to Lincoln's Reconstruction plans the president passed the bill.?

pocket vetoed

Who approves the budget bill after it is passed in the house and senate?