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The Price of the gasoline with increase : D

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The price of gasoline will increase.

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Q: What is the likely effect of this high demand on gasoline prices?
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What is likely effects of this high demand on gasoline prices?

The Price of the gasoline with increase : D

What is an example of a good for which the demand is likely to become more elastic over time if prices change dramatically?


An increase in the demand for gasoline today caused by concerns that gasoline prices will be higher tomorrow is most likely attributable to consumer expectations or consumer preferences?

consumer preference

How much do higher gasoline prices contribute to inflation?

It's the contrary, inflation contributes to higher gasoline prices. But not so much as everybody thinks. The major cause for increasing gasoline prices is the resource. Less resource for higher demand, higher prices

Why do gas prices go up during the summer?

People do more traveling in the summer so the demand for gasoline increases. With higher demand, prices increase to compensate. Also, there is higher demand for heating oil in the winter. It is not possible to refine heating oil without also producing gasoline; so there is a surplus of gasoline in the winter, which tends to lower the price.

If the prices have a little effect on the quantity of a product demanded the product is said to have?

inelastic demand

What are some reasons why prices rise?

Prices generally are the result of the combined effect of supply and demand. Scarcity causes prices to rise, since there is more competition to obtain scarce items, and demand causes prices to rise, since people will be willing to pay more for something they strongly want.

What is most likely to happen to the prices of a product if demand and supply increase at the same rate?

prices stay stable. studddy islannd ! :)

What is most likely to push the prices of companys stock higher?

An increase in demand for the company's stock

What is the difference in price effect and a change in demand?

price effect is the inclination of people to buy less of something at higher price than they would buy at lower prices. a change in demand if the entire line of demand must move or shift.

gasoline prices?

how much is gas prices

The US imposes substantial taxes on cigarettes but not on loose tobacco When the tax on cigarettes went into effect the demand for cigarette rolling machines most likely?

I think the demand increased, causing prices of the machine to increase and quantity purchased to either fall or rise depending on how you look at it