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The Enlightenment was the literary and philosophical movement in Europe that greatly influenced the Declaration of Independence. The idea of the consent of the governed, for example, was drawn from philosophers of the movement.

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rousseau and montesquieu

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Age of Enlightenment

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Hobbes, hume, locke

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Q: What is the literary or philosophical movement of the declaration of independence?
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What is de-constructed?

A philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism.

The declaration of independance and the social contract theory both arose from which philosophical movement?


Was John Adam's a patriot or a loyalist?

John Adams was an active patriot. He was a leader in the revolutionary movement and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Which is best defined as a literary and philosophical movement that placed emphasis on the spiritual world instead of the material or empirical world?


Why was Jefferson picked to draft the Declaration of Independence?

He was an excellent writer. The delegates needed Virginia's support for the independence movement, Jefferson was from Virginia.

What philosophical and literary movement centered in New England that greatly influenced many American writers of early 19t century?

it's Trancendentalism

What was Herman Melville main reform movement?

Herman Melville was associated with the transcendentalist movement, a philosophical and literary movement that emphasized individualism, self-reliance, and a harmonious connection with nature. He was not a central figure in any specific reform movement.

On what date was the resolution for independence voted and approved?

On July 2nd, the Second Continental Congress approved a movement for independence from Britain. This congress would later adopt the Declaration of Independence.

Philosophical and literary movement centered in New England that greatly influenced many American writers of the early nineteenth century?

Transcendentalism was a philosophical and religious movement developed in the Eastern part of the United States. The followers of this movement believed that society corrupt the purity of the individual and it was essentially a reaction against rationalism and promoted the individualism.

What motivated the men and women who led the reform movement?

The noble goals stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

How did the Declaration of Independence help slaves?

How did what help the Declaration of Independence...

Enlightenment declaration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence is in fact connected to the Enlightenment movement which swept through western civilization beginning in the 17th century. With its emphasis upon reason, and choice, and the collective intent of free people in association, the Declaration is a clear expression of fundamental Enlightenment ideals and values.