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A unitary government is a government that has full control of the territory, which is usually divided into provinces, states, etc. just to help with administration purposes. A confederacy is a group of independent states that come together for a few common purposes, such as defense. The individual states usually have their own laws and currency, and may have very different forms of government.

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Q: What is the major difference between unitary form of government and confederation?
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What form government is a compromise between a unitary state and a confederation?

The Federal System lies between the unitary and confederal systems of government.

What is the difference between Confederation and unitary government?

unitary government: all powers is given to a central government (there is only one level of government).federal system government divides powers of government between national and state governments (power is split between multiple levels of government).confederacy - loose union of independent states (no central government)

What is the the difference between a unitary government and a federal government?

the federal system controls most or all the power of government and the unitary system one in which all government is derived form the central government.

In which form of government are states loosely united for a common purpose?


What is difference between federal and unitary form of government?

Federal government is the result of a union of states. Which, could be assumed not to be sovereign. Unitary Government is when there are no states in federation, rather the government is all (other than local needs) at national level. Thus Unitary is not Sovereign.

What is one key difference between unitary and federal governments?

unitary is where all powers are held by a single central agency. Federal has the powers of the government divided by a written constitution between central government and regional.

What is the difference between Iceland's government and Pakistan's government?

Pakistan- Federal Parliamentary Republic Iceland- Unitary Parliamentary Republic

What is the difference between Iceland's government and Australia's government?

Iceland is a unitary parliamentary republic, while Australia is a constitutional monarchy.

In confederation the central government is the center of power?

---> Unitary!

Ho w is power distributed in Israel's government (unitary, confederation, federal)?

it is cool

System of government in which a constitution divides the powers of government between a national government and several regional governments?

That is either the Federation or Confederation governmental form, vs a Unitary form where power rests in the central government alone.

Is turkey federal unitary or confederation?

Turkey is a UNITARY STATE. In Turkey, the national government delegates powers to the various provinces, whose individual local authority is minimal.