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CORRECTED: Aloha. Answer:

"HA", in Hawai`i, is the "breathe of life". There is no real English translation

"WAI" is "fresh water", or "The water of life", or "living waters".

"I" is, for one thing, the concept of a supreme God, or conscienceness.

If you put these all together, Hawai`i, actually pronounced ha-vwy-ee (with the e being completely separate), means.....

God breathed life to the waters.

Hawaii means aloha which means hello/goodbye/love

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Q: What is the meaning of Hawaii?
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it means "made a line"

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The spelling is one word "mahalo" meaning "thank you."

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Hawaii is said to have been named by the Maori people who named it "Hawaii" meaning "Heaven" in their own language. Legend states that Hawai'i Loa, a fisherman, was the first person to discover Hawaii (as told in ancient stories). He named Hawaii after himself and the rest of the islands on the chain after his children: Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Kauai.

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