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It is from a carabian culture that represents disrestect

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Q: What is the meaning of kissing your teeth?
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Why do people like lick someones teeth while kissing?

They have a teeth fetish, I love nice teeth!

Can kissing make your teeth crooked?

No they cannot.

Is kissing good?

NO?Yes, Kissing helps prevent tooth decay. (better than brushing your teeth?)

Is french kissing bad for your teeth?

It shouldn't be bad for anything ! Kissing with inserting the tongue into the other persons mouth may pick-up bugs and germs from their saliva though so always clean your mouth and teeth after french kissing.

Is kissing good for your teeth?

depends, if the person doesnt brush their teeth and tongue. then when you french kiss, their gross tongue will be rubbing agaimst your teeth.

Can kissing someone with rotting teeth affect your teeth?

Most probably it is not affected to teeth.But it may affect your health.

What does kissing your teeth mean?

In west Indian culture, it means f*** you

What are examples of nonverbal communication styles in Jamaica?

kissing your teeth and rolling your eyes

What is passionate kissing?

kissing when you actual meaning like when you truely love someone you kiss, not like your drunk and you kiss someone and have no meaning for it at all.

What is meaning of her girl friend kissing her?

It means she was there and it was as it always was in and of itself.

How do you get your teeth pulled out?

Either by a dentist or do it your self. If you do it your self have salt water handy and dot swallow it!

What is the meaning of the skin in her teeth?

I think you heard the idiom wrong. It should be "by the skin of her teeth," meaning that she barely succeeded.