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Misadministration means ignoring good administrative practice and good conduct, failure to perform work, carelessness, unjustified delay, negligence, failure to comply with procedural rules, impolite behaviour, dishonesty, incompetence, misinforming and several other similar situations.

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Q: What is the meaning of misadministration justice?
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What best describes the meaning of fugitive?

A person who flees from justice

How do you abbreviate Justice of the Supreme Court?

When the meaning of the abbreviation can be understood in context (for example, in the text of an opinion), the abbreviation is simply "J." In academic writing or journalism, the Supreme Court of the United States is identified, and the justices are then referred to as "Justice" or "Chief Justice," rather than by the Court's standard abbreviation, shown above.

Establish justice definition?

The establishment of justice is of similar meaning to it being "served." Establishing justice through Western democratic jurisprudence involves the concepts the state having the burden to prove guilt, presumption of innocence of the accused, and the rights to counsel, trial by jury, remaining silent. Justice being established can also regard being acquitted or found guilty through a fair and impartial trial.

Do all the US Supreme Court justices have children?

No, not all of them, but most do. Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan don't have any children, nor did Justice Souter, who retired in 2009. Justice Scalia: 9 children Justice Kennedy: 3 children Justice Breyer: 3 children Chief Justice Roberts: 2 children Justice Ginsburg: 2 children Justice Alito: 2 children Justice Thomas: 1 child Justice Sotomayor: 0 children Justice Kagan: 0 children

What are the genders of the nine US Supreme Court Justices?

As of October 2010, there are six male justices and three females.Current JusticesChief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.Associate Justice Antonin ScaliaAssociate Justice Anthony M. KennedyAssociate Justice Clarence ThomasAssociate Justice Stephen G. BreyerAssociate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.Associate Justice Ruth Bader GinsbergAssociate Justice Sonia SotomayorAssociate Justice Elena Kagan