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'Running for', and 'appointed' are slightly different. However, 18 is the minimum age in some countries. But this varies from country to country, and possibly from state to state.

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Q: What is the minimum age to run for local political office?
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What is the minimum age to run for local political office in mass?

32 years old

How old do you have to be to take the written test at the dmv in new jersey?

age 15 is the minimum legal age in every state in the us The minimum age requirement VARIES from state to state. Contact you local DMV office or check their website.

What is Minimum age to run for office?

The minimum age to run for office is 25 years, but along with the age requirement, there are some other requirements you must meet.

What is the minimum age one must be to hold a county office?

The minimum age one must be to hold a county office position is 18 years old. This is the age requirement set up by the US Constitution.

What is the minimum age for the election to the office of the president?

35 years

How old to work at office max minimum age?


Is age important in politics?

On one level, age is important inasmuch as most political offices have a minimum age requirement in order to hold office. On the other hand, age is important to the extent that maturity and perspective are normal byproducts of age and these are essential qualities in politics.

What is the minium age for a us senator?

As given in the U.S. Constitution, the minimum age requirement for the office of U.S. Senator is 30 years of age. For the office of President of the United States, the minimum age is 35 years.

Can a child under 13 travel alone in a taxi?

yes, there is no minimum age to ride in a taxi by yourself I beg to differ. As a private hire driver I can confirm there is minimum age. It varies from one licencing office to another. Ring your local council and they can tell you for sure

The age a senator must be to run for office?

Minimum age for president is 35; for senator 30.

What is the minimum age to reserve a condo in Florida?

A local realtor can answer your question.

What is the minimum age for getting your nose pierced in South Carolina with a parent?

Contact your local health inspection or health protection office, they will be able to tell you the age requirements for your area as well as provide a list of inspected facilities near you.