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Q: What is the most common path to upward social mobility?
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Which type of mobility map is most common?

The themic mobility map is the most common

Which type of mobility map is the most common?

Themic Mobility Map

Were most early english novels uplifting because they showed the possibility of upward mobility and human mprovement?


How did the experience with Etruscan kings shape Roman attitudes toward Monarchy?

The most concise answer to why monarchy became a political disaster in Roman history was the arbitrary rule of an all powerful monarch. Kings became obstacles to prosperity for upward mobility, and the same for upward mobility in a political sense.

What type of mobility map is the most in common?

fortnite is the best

Social mobility would most likely take place in a society where social class is based on?

accumulation of wealth

What values are shared by most Americans?

As set forth by the Founding Fathers, our common bond as Americans is not our ethnicity but our shared values: our respect for freedom, and the self-evident right of every citizen to pursue life, liberty and happiness. P. E. Harrell

What was the most distinctive feature of twelfth century urban life?

Opportunities for vertical social mobility

What is the importance of studying the social structure of a country?

As well as in common political discourse,social mobility refers to the degree to which an individual or group's status is able to change in terms of position in the social hierarchy. To this extent it most commonly refers to material wealth and the ability of an agentto move up the class system. Such a change may be described as "vertical mobility," by contrast with a more general change in position ("horizontal mobility").Mobility is enabled in part by cultural capital(such as higher education or an authoritative accent),human capital (such as competence and effort in labour),social capital (such as support from one's social network),physical capital (such as ownership of tools), and capital(such as the worth of an official title). Many of these factors, however, ultimately remain intertwined with economic capital,The extent to which a nation is open and fundamental significance:a society in which traditional or religious caste systems dominate is unlikely to present the opportunity for social mobility.

Which was the most important reason for the social mobility that existed in the english Colonial America during the 18th century?

Wealth, land ownership, and church affiliation. But mostly wealth.

What are the most common signs of stroke?

The most common signs of a stroke are a face that has fallen on one side and slurred speech. The inability to move arms upward and feelings of pins and needles, or numbness, in limbs is also common.

What are the most common social problems in SA?

Prostitution and infidelity