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To reduce competition from imported goods by making them more expensive

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How might a country react to another country's protective tariff?

Sometimes a country suffering from a protective tariff will enact a tariff of its own on a product.

What is a tax placed on goods from another country to protect the home industry?

protective tariff

What is an unjust tariff?

A tax on imports that was made for no reason.

Retaliatory tariff is?

A retaliatory tariff is a tax that is imposed by one country because Another Country increased their tax rate. This is an act that is done in retaliation.

What are types of tariff with an example of its use?

Revenue tariff: A 5% tariff on sugar to generate public revenue; Protective tariff: A 50% tariff on sugar to keep domestic sugar producers in business; Retaliatory tariff: A 500% tariff on sugar to reply to a high tariff imposed by another country. or sales tax- 8% charged on purchases of luxury goods excise tax- 20% tax charged on each pack of cigarettes capital gains- 15% charged on profits from selling commodities or revenue tariff- a 6% tariff on oranges to provide money for the government protective tariff- a 50% tariff on oranges to shield domestic orange growers from international competition retaliatory tariff- a 200% tariff on oranges to reply to a high tariff imposed by another country

A tax on products being brought into the country.?


What is a fee a country charges on exports and imports?

It is tariff.

What did the tariff of 1816 help finance?

he changed the country

What is common effective preferential tariff?

There isn't one.

How does a tariff help a country's Gross domestic product on imports?

A tariff adds value to the Gross Domestic Product on imports.

What is a tax placed on imports or exports by a country's government?


A tax on products that’s being brought into the country?