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John Fitzgerald Kennedy, US President

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Q: What is the most famous irishman?
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Are there black Irishman?

yes. there are black irishmen.The most famous was Phil Lynett the lead singer with the rock band Thin Lizzy.

Is James Joyce Scottish?

No. James Joyce was born in Rathgar, Ireland. He is a Irishman and a famous one at that!

What did an Irishman called Thomas Blood try to do that made him famous in 1671?

Steal the English crown jewels.

When was The Irishman created?

The Irishman was created in 1960.

When was The Nutty Irishman created?

The Nutty Irishman was created in 2004.

What is the duration of Kill the Irishman?

Kill the Irishman was created on 2011-03-11.

What Irishman scored the most champions league goals?

It is Sparky mark Hughes.

What is the duration of The Flying Irishman?

The duration of The Flying Irishman is 1.52 hours.

Who was the the Irishman who founded New Zealand's most English city?

John Robert Godly

When was The Flying Irishman created?

The Flying Irishman was created on 1939-04-07.

When is an Irishman too Drunk?

An Irishman is too drunk when he is too drunk to fight.

Who was the irishman who found new zealand's most English city?

Sir john willian wilkonson