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Q: What is the most important reason to rely on evidence during a discussion?
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What is one important reason to use graphic in research essay?

To illustrate ideas and evidence(APEX)

What is an important similarity between the way scientists were thinking during the scientific revolution and the way philosophers were thinking during the enlightenment?

Both scientists during the scientific revolution and philosophers during the Enlightenment were focused on using reason and empirical evidence to understand the world around them. They both emphasized the importance of critical thinking, questioning traditional beliefs, and advocating for progress through knowledge and reason.

Should evidence be admitted in a prosecution's opening statements?

Evidence is never admitted during the opening statement, and the judges usually admonish the jury specifically that opening statements are only argument and not evidence. However, prosecutors will often show to the jury some evidence that they intend to introduce during the trial, but if for some reason that evidence is not introduced during the trial, the defendant can move for a mistrial at the close of the prosecution's case.

How much evidence do you have to have at grand jury?

It is said that grand juries are actually creatures of the prosecution these days, and that if the prosecutor presented some evidence however little a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich for murder. That being said, the grand jury needs to have enough evidence on two subjects: one, was there a crime, and two is there some reason to believe a particular individual was involved. For further discussion see the related links below. See Discussion page.

What can you do if the judge did not let you speak or say information about your case that would be helpful?

If you had a trial, and were not permitted to present evidence during the trial, and there was no legal reason that the evidence was inadmissible, and you lost, you can appeal.

Why did charlie think that Bella was pregnant?

Because there's no probable reason for Edward and Bella to be married so soon,and during the discussion, Charlie jumped to conclusions.

Were is the town of dawson and why was it important during the gold rush of 1897?

The reason is it was the destination that they had to get it to

Is religious faith opposed to reason?

Not necessarily. Although faith and reason represent different ways of knowing and understanding the world, they are not inherently opposed. Many religious traditions value both faith and reason as important components of belief and understanding.

Why was triangle trade so important?

The reason why the triangular trade was so important is beacause of what happend during the time of what was going on.

Why is it important for historians to corroborate the information found in pieces of historical evidence?

Answer this question… Different pieces of evidence may contradict the original information.

What was the primary change in paradigm during the 18th century and the restoration?

The paragigm shift from mystical life to measurable life The dawn of the age of REASON Empirical evidence ONLY no more gnosis The paragigm shift from mystical life to measurable life The dawn of the age of REASON Empirical evidence ONLY no more gnosis

What is better emotions or reason?

Both emotions and reason are important, but striking a balance between the two is key. Reason helps us make logical decisions based on facts and evidence, while emotions provide important context and help us connect with others on a human level. It is often beneficial to consider both when making decisions.