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The pens aren't cheap bics, they cost a few dollars; but the president does not sign a law every day.

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When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, he reportedly used over 75 pens.

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Q: What is the most number of pens used by a U S president to sign a bill?
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Is the president legally able to sign a bill using BIC pens instead of Skilcraft pens?

Absolutely not. 41 U.S.C. 46 mandates that US policymakers use SkilCraft pens for all legal documents, no exceptions. If the president did use a BIC pen, the bill would not be official.

Why does the us president sign a bill with several pens?

When the President signs a bill, they usually use a new pen that is only used for that bill, and sometimes engraved just for that purpose. Often it gets given away, usually to someone who was significant in the creation or instigation of the bill, or who is otherwise symbolicly related to the bill.

Why does President Obama sign documents with multiple pens?

Many presidents have done this, not just President Obama. When there is a signing ceremony, the president will officially sign the bill into law, but he will also give some pens as souvenirs to some of the people who were helpful in getting the bill passed.

Does the U.S. president sign his full name with each of the pens?

Yes, he does, and he gives the pens to various supporters, or to specific people who were invited for the ceremony because they championed the bill he just signed. It's one of the most common (and most popular) photo opportunities, like a book signing, only presidential.

Did President Bush use multiple pens?

Yes, it has become customary for the President of the United States to use multiple pens to sign an important bill into law, so that several different people can have "the pen that signed the law."

What is it when congress passes a bill and the president signs it into law called?

I have never heard it called anything but a bill signing. If it is a important bill, they have a signing ceremony and the president may use several pens so they can be given out as souvenirs.

Why does the US president use multiple pens to sign a law?

PenchantMany people have asked this question; President Barack Obama used a whopping 22 pens to sign the health-care bill into law on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. Why so many pens?It is a long-held tradition for US presidents to use many pens - simply because they become historic artifacts. Some are engraved by the White House and given out as gifts to those who helped pass the law. It is rumored that president Johnson used 75 pens to sign the Civil Rights Act in 1964.Other comments by our users:The pens are then presented to the sponsors of the bill and other interested parties. All can be said to be the pen he signed the bill into law with.

Why does the governor use multiple pens to sign a law?

after the bill has been signed they pens are given as gifts to supportors of the new bill

Why does the president keep changing pens?

When the president signs a bill and makes it a law he frequently uses a number of pens. He only makes a small part of his signature with each pen. Then he can give the pen to a person and that person can brag this pen was used to sign such and such a bill into law. If the law means anything to a person, then the pen has special significance.

Why does the president uses so many pens?

the president uses many pens to sign bills so they can be like souvenirs to people.

What type of pen does the President of the U.S. use?

They are use for ceremonial purposes. Some are saved as historical items while others are given to close friends and individuals closely connected to the particular legislation the president signs into law.

How many moles of pens do you have if you have 1.204x1024 pens?

To find the number of moles, you need to divide the given number of pens by Avogadro's number, which is approximately 6.022 x 10^23. So, if you have 1.204 x 10^24 pens, you would have 2 moles.