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Q: What is the most serious crime mentioned in the constitution?
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Which crime is the most illegal?

All crimes are illegal. If you're talking about which crime is the most serious, this is a matter of opinion. But most people agree that the most serious crime one can ever commit is first-degree murder with aggravating factors.

What is the most serious crime against a person?


Are politicial parties mentioned in the us constitution in most of its articles?

No, there is no mention of political parties in the Constitution.

Murder is classified as a capital crime?

(adj) most important or serious

What was the most serious crime in Elizabethan times?

planning to overthrow the queen

According to a Gallup Poll in 1965 what was viewed as the most serious problem in the US?


Is it in the constitution that you have the right to cheat?

Answer: No. Cheating is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. Answer: It isn't clear what constitution you are talking about (basically, most, or all, countries have a constitution). But I don't think ANY constitution specifically mentions a "right to cheat".

Is the political parties mentioned in the us constitution in most of the articles?

No. Political parties are not even mentioned in the Constitution. In fact, the first President, George Washington, warned against factions and parties as being injurious to the nation.

What where serious crimes in ancient Egypt?

The most serious crime that has happened in Egypt was: A 7 year old boy was walking down the street and saw a penny and stole it

What is the most serious type of crime?

Legally speaking, the crime that carries the harshest of punishments is murder, especially first degree (premeditated) murder. The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that this is the only crime that may warrant the death penalty.

Is the president's job as head of his political party mentioned in the constitution?

No. There is no mention of political parties in the Us Constitution. They did not exist in the US when the Constitution was written and I don't think most of the framers even thought about the possibility of their formation.

What is The least serious category of crime?

The least serious category of crime is typically classified as an infraction, which refers to minor offenses such as traffic violations and petty misdemeanors. These offenses usually result in only a fine as punishment and do not carry the possibility of jail time.