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There are many instruments, but maybe you are thinking of the Bagpipes?

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Q: What is the musical instrument of Ireland called?
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What is the musical instrument called the whip?

Whip is a percussion instrument. It is also called a slapstick.

An instrument that causes air to vibrate is called what?

a musical instrument? a wind instrument? a string instrument? a percussion instrument?

What is the string on musical instrument called?


What is the musical instrument in Zelda game called?

It is called an ocarina.

What is Name given to those who manufacture musical instrument?

They can be called Instrument Makers.

Is ther an instrument called the jazz?

Jazz is a type of music not a musical instrument.

What musical instrument is often called a mouth?


What is someone called if they play an musical instrument?

Usually, they are called a musician.

Is there a musical instrument starting with q?

It's not a musical, but theres a play called Quillters.

Cornet musical instrument?

it is a musical instrument!

What is a musical instrument that start with a?

Accordion is a musical instrument. Alto sax is a musical instrument.

Name musical instrument start with the letter m?

The mandolin is a musical instrument. The mellophone is a musical instrument.