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Tom is often the nickname for Thomas.

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Q: What is the name Tom short for?
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Is Tom another name for Timothy?

It depends if people call him tom or timothy. if his real name is tom than you cant call him timothy, but if its his nickname then yes. Tom is short for Thomas and Tim is short for Timothy

Is tom a popular name?

Yes tom is a very popular name mostly short for Thompson or tommy

What is the name of the short stack skull?

The name of the short stack skull is "Tom Nook."

Is tom a girl or boys name?

Tom is typically a boy's name, although it can be used as a nickname for girls named Thomasina or similar names.

When was Tom Short born?

Tom Short was born on 1957-03-23.

Is tom a good name?

It's short, easy to spell and say , well known and for some it's a short version of thomas. It's a good name for a boy or a cat.

What is tom kaulitz favorite name?

tom's favorite name is TOM.

What is the birth name of Tom Tom Typhoon?

Tom Tom Typhoon's birth name is Takano.

Name an actor with the first name tom?

· Tom Cruise · Tom Hanks

Is Tom Kaulitz real name Tomias?

no i think it's TOM...Both Bill and Tom are their real names and they have no middle names either. Simone wanted short, simple names since she was having two babies according to Bill.

Looking for name of a Candy bar with the same name as a famous writer of short stories?

The "Oh Henry!" candy bar has a name very similar to O. Henry, the pen name of short-story writer William Sydney Porter. The candy bar was invented by Tom Henry.

Tom brady's screen name?

Tom Brady is Tom Brady's screen name.