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Enumerated Powers

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Q: What is the name for powers that are retained by the state?
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In the USConstitution powers that are not expressly given to Congress but are retained by the state governments are called?

Reserved powers are retained by state governments when not explicitly given to Congress. This is the tenet of the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

What power did the constitution leave in hands of the state government?

All the powers the states didn't give to the Federal Government.The delegates to the Constitutional Convention specifically delegated powers to the federal government from each and the several states. The states retained all powers not delegated to the federal government. Any powers not retained by the states are retained by the people.

Name any two princely states that have retained their old name and have been given of a state?

The Nizam was retained as the head of state in the same manner as the other princes who acceded to India.

Colonial governors retained powers and prerogatives that the king no longer had?


What are the reserve powers given to the states?

There are not "two" powers reserved to the states. All powers not explicitly granted to the federal government are retained by the states, or the people.

What is the name of the powers that the constitution gives the state government and forbids the nationals government from using?

Reserved powers

What is the name for the powers the Constitution gives the state government and forbid the national government from using?

"reserved powers".

What is the name of the powers that the Constitution limits to the state governments?

reserved poweres

What is another name for retained earnings?

A common name for net income kept is "retained earnings."

What state powers do the federalists have?

None..state powers have state powers and federal powers have federal powers. The powers not given to the federal government belongs to the state so they each have different powers.

What is the name for the powers that the Constitution gives to the state governments and forbids the national government from using?

Reserved powers. These powers are not "enumerated", however they are distinguished from exclusively delegated powers, such as the exclusive federal powers of the United States

Powers kept by the state governments?

Reserved powers, are the powers kept by the state Government.