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Caractacus may be the answer you are looking for. Caractacus

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George's horse was named Nelson.

Blueskin, Nelson, and Lexington.

George Washington had a white horse named Nelson


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Q: What is the name of George Washington's horse?
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What is the name of the horse in the george washingtons painting?

the name is nelson

What was the name of George Washingtons favorite horse?

Horse Isle answer--> Nelson <-- From Dreygon Roan server.

Is George Washingtons horse still alive?


What is George Washingtons's favorite hobby?

Horse back riding and farming

What is George Washingtons's full name?

George Washington.

What is washingtons first name?


What is George Washingtons's birth name?

George Washington's birth name was George Washington.

What is George Washingtons's mom's name?

Her maiden name was Ball.

What was George Washingtons name before it was changed?

George Washington's name was NEVER changed.

Whats george washingtons dads name?


What was george washingtons wifes madien name?


Who adorns george Washingtons name?

Martha Washington