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Q: What is the name of a famous person living or dead from afraca?
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Name a famous person living or dead whose last name is rogers?

Roy Kenny

What is the name of a famous person living or dead with a simple lifestyle?

Henry David Thoreau who wrote Walden

Can a dead person communicate with the living through their dogs?

No. A dead person cannot communicate with a living person at all.

How can you help someone who is in love with a famous dead person is a loner and when angry is destructive and harms others?

A person who is in love with a famous dead person; is a loner and gets angry and destructive and harms others needs psychological counseling and no one else can help them. People such as this can be quite dangerous and are not living in reality.

Name a famous person living or dead with the last name of Davis?

Sammy Davis Miles Davis Bette Davis Geena Davis Ossie Davis

The 1978 film Dawn of the Dead is the sequel to what famous 1968 horror film?

Night Of The Living Dead

Can a dead witch get a living person?

Well a dead witch cannot get a living person unless they possesses them. Other than that only if the Mother or Father that is the witch teaches their children to do harm to that person.

What is the term for someone who only became famous after their death?

A dead famous person. lol

Can a man marry his widow's sister why or why not?

no because if its a widow then he man is dead and a dead person cant marry a living person!

Can you use Wraith-like in a sentence?

an apparition of a living person; ghost of a dead person.

Are more males alive or dead at age 75?

Dead since there will always be more people that are dead than alive. If a person dies, he has lived, but is dead. Hence, always dead. If a person is living, he is only living for the time being. So really, it's philosophical question.

Who was a famous person in the Bible other then Jesus that was resurrected from the dead?