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Q: What is the name of neutral country?
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What name is for the Alps mountains and is also a country known for being neutral during times of war?

Switzerland. It is a neutral country and one sectionb of the Alps is known as the Swiss Alps.

What was the name of the neutral Country of Europe that was invaded in 1940?

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark

Was Switzerland a neutral in WW II?

No. Switzerland was neutral country in WW2.

What is a neutral coutry?

A neutral country is one who is not a belligerent in the conflict. Switzerland was a neutral country during the 2nd World War.

What is the name of the team if you are on both Team Edward and Team Jacob?

Team Switzerland! It's in Eclipse! Switzerland is a neutral country and Bella is neutral between Edward and Jacob.

How does Australia remain a neutral country?

Australia is not a neutral country. The question is: how could Australia become neutral? What might be the process? What might be the repercussions?

How does one country get away with invading a neutral country?

They say the other country was only pretending to be neutral...and that they were carrying nuclear weapons. The end.

What dose neutral mean?

neutral: not siding with one country or the other.

When a country does not get involved or take a side in a war it is said to be .?

Neutral. Switzerland was neutral during WWII.

What was a neutral country's response to the Korean War?

a neutral response was how were they goign to survive?

What kind of country does not take sides in a international conflict?

Neutral contries.

What was true about Germany under kasier willhelm ll?

It moved military forces through a neutral country.