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What are powers that Congress has that are specifically listed in the constitution

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Q: What is the name of the agency that looks up facts and spells out arguments for and against proposed bills?
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What did the Constitution reserve for the states?

The United States Constitution spells out a number of powers that belong to the Federal government. It also specifies that any powers not given to the Federal government are reserved for the states.

What are two ways of proposing an amendment to the Constitution?

There are two methods: 1. A specific amendment is written and proposed by 2/3 of the Congress. Then the proposed amendment is sent for ratification to either the state legislatures or state ratifying conventions. Congress decides whether state legislatures or state ratifying conventions are to be used. For the proposed amendment to become effective 3/4 of the legislatures or conventions must ratify it. 2. A convention for proposing amendments is called for by Congress on application by 2/3 of the states for such a convention. Specific amendments are written by the convention and sent to the states for ratification. Even if the proposed amendments come from a convention rather than from Congress, it is Congress which decides whether ratification is to be by state legislatures or state ratifying conventions. Again, for the proposed amendments to become effective, 3/4 of the legislatures or conventions must ratify the proposed amendments. To date the first method, proposal by Congress itself, is the only method by which amendments have been proposed. None of the existing amendments have been proposed by a national convention. To date every amendment to the Constitution with the exception of the Twenty First Amendment (Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment), has been ratified by state legislatures. The Twenty First Amendment is the only current amendment that has been ratified by state ratifying conventions.

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What is the name of the agency that looks up facts and spells out arguments for against proposed bills?

What are powers that Congress has that are specifically listed in the constitution

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