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The bell in the tower at the houses of parliament in London, England is "Big Ben". It was named after the man who commissioned the building works, Sir Benjamin Hall when it was installed in 1856.

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They call it Big Ben

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Q: What is the name of the bell in the clock tower of the House of Parliament In London?
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Where in the UK is the crown of jewels located?

The Crown Jewels, what the monarch wears at the State Opening of Parliament are kept in the Tower of London. They are on public display guarded by the Yeoman Warders of the Tower.

What architectural style is Tower of London?

As the Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror, also known as Duke William of Normandy, it was built by Norman masons and English labour, and is an example of Norman architecture. The White Tower retains many original architecture features, but the rest of the Tower has undergone so many modifications that it is difficult to pinpoint any one architectural style. The Tower of London is one of the most fascinating examples of medieval castles.

When was London tower attacked?

The Tower of London has been used as a prision for many years as well as a treasury of the crown jewels. It had some damage from World War II German bombs. The only attack came from the terrorists, possibly the Irish Republican Army, in 1974 when bombs killed one and injured 41.

When did London become the capital of England?

Originally, the capital of England was Winchester, but King William the Conquerer and several of his successors gradually changed that. When the Palace of Westminster (near central London) was completed, under Henry III, it contained a section where Parliament could meet. The palace and its London location thus became very important to the operation of the British government; for example, in 1295, Edward I summoned what came to be called the "Model Parliament," a legislative body with more powers than previously permitted by the monarch. By the time of King Edward III, circa 1327, London was generally regarded as the capital city.

What did Edward iv do to his brother?

The execution of George, Duke of Clarence was carried out privately in the Tower of London on 18th February, 1478. Rumor reported that he had been drowned in a barrel of wine.

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Why is the London parliament a clock tower?

The clock tower (commonly known as Big Ben) is attached to the Parliament building.

Which building in london is known for its clock tower?

The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), commonly known as Big Ben.

What is the nickname for the bell clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London?

Big Ben

Where is the London clock tower located?

There are 'clock towers' all over the world. Possibly the most famous is 'Big Ben' at the British Houses of Parliament

How far is the Tower of London from the house of parliament?

About 2 miles

What is the name of the large clock on a tower near the Houses of parliament in London?

It is named Big Ben.

What is the absolute location of big ben?

The clock tower (incorrectly) known as 'Big Ben' but in fact is called the Elizabeth Tower (previously called the Clock Tower or St. Stephen's Tower) , is attached to the Houses of Parliament in Central London.

What is big ben is used for?

Big Ben is a bell used to sound the hours of the day.Big Ben is the biggest bell inside the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London.The clock tower is used as a public clock and is a very famous landmark for London.

What famous building is 250 ft tall?

Big Ben Clock Tower, Houses of Parliament, London

Why is the big Ben attached to the house of parliament?

Big Ben is the largest bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster (aka Houses of Parliament). The clock tower was built along with the new palace after the old tower and palace were destroyed in 1834.

Is Big Ben in St Stephens Tower?

No, Big Ben is inside the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, England. St. Stephens Tower is at the entrance to the Houses of Parliament.

Where is the clock Big Ben?

It is part of the tower of the Palace of Westminster (also known as the Houses of Parliament) in central London, England.